Tuesday, October 30, 2012

SQL in the City: Boston

A few weeks ago, I got the chance to go to a day of free SQL training event that was organized by Red Gate Software. The event was called SQL in the City. It was conducted on October 8th, 2012 at Harvard University's The Joseph B. Martin Conference Center. It had a pretty good turnout, considering that it was a Columbus day holiday (for some people).

The training covered various topics, from SQL Server maintenance, monitoring, development, and others. The training sessions were being presented by SQL Server MVPs, such as Steve Jones (blog | twitter), Grant Fritchey (blog | twitter) and Adam Machanic (blog | twitter). They really passionate and more importantly knowledgeable about SQL Server. They also were very approachable. They made themselves available for questions even after their sessions, so we can interact with them, which was awesome.

One of the sessions that I found interesting was "Architecting Hybrid Data Systems with SQL Server and Windows Azure". It was presented by Buck Woody (blog | twitter). Obviously, "Cloud" is now the buzz word in IT. Buck pointed out, which I agree totally, that before moving to the "Cloud" we should think about the current problems that we have, and if by moving to the "Cloud", it would help to resolve those problems.

There were also a lot of Red Gate people in the events. I was able to interact with some of them and learned more about their tools/ software, some of which that I did not know about. Tools such as SQL Storage Compress, which I am looking forward to test and might be useful to save some (… well hopefully large amount of) disk space in our testing environment.

Overall, it was well organized event. It was a good day for me to network and also to learn more about SQL Server and Red Gate products. Thank you Red Gate. Hopefully, this can be an annual event in Boston.

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