Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Windows 10 – Mobile Hotspot

Image by barek2marcin via pixabay

A few weeks ago, I was doing a demo on a couple of Alexa skills that I've developed using Amazon Echo Dot. However, the place where I have to do the demo use enterprise class Wi-Fi (it is where after connecting to the Wi-Fi network, we need to authenticate using web browser). Unfortunately, at the moment, as far as I know, Amazon Echo Dot doesn't support enterprise class Wi-Fi. To make matter worse, my cell phone signal was very weak in the meeting room, so I was unable to use my cell phone as hotspot.

Luckily, I have my Windows 10 laptop. Windows 10 has a feature where I can turn my laptop into mobile hotspot. To make it work, I would make sure that my laptop has Internet connection. Before the demo, I would connect my laptop to the Wi-Fi network (and when prompted, I would authenticate myself using the username and password provided by the company). Once I am connected to the Wi-Fi network and have Internet connection, I would then:

  1. On my Windows 10 laptop, go to “Settings”.
  2. Then I would select “Network & Internet”.
  3. On the left navigation area of the “Network & Internet” window, there should be an option for “Mobile hotspot”. I would click on that.
  4. On the “Mobile hotspot” screen, you should see a screen similar to the one below. By default, Windows would already pre-define the mobile hotspot network (SSID) name and password for you. However, you can change them by using the “Edit” button. To turn on the mobile hotspot, near the top of the screen, there is an on/off toggle button, click on that one and it will enable the mobile hotspot.


At this point, you can go to your other device (in my case Alexa app on my mobile phone to configure the Amazon Echo Dot) and configure it to connect to the mobile hotspot that has just been setup on the Windows 10 system.

In my case, the mobile hotspot feature in Windows 10 works great. I was able to demo Alexa skills that I’ve developed on Amazon Echo Dot without any issue on places that use enterprise class Wi-Fi.

Some Observations

  • Windows 10 seems to be smart enough to detect if the system has wireless (Wi-Fi) capability or not. If the system does not have Wi-Fi card, I would not see the “Mobile hotspot” option under “Settings” – “Network & Internet”.
  • When I am using VPN connection, I might not be able to enable the mobile hotspot feature
  • After some period of inactivity on the system, Windows 10 would automatically disabled the mobile hotspot.

    Tuesday, February 13, 2018

    T-SQL Tuesday #99 – Work-Life Balance

    This month T-SQL Tuesday is hosted by Aaron Bertrand (blog | twitter). For this month's T-SQL Tuesday, we are given two options. The first option is to write about something that we are passionate about outside of SQL and tech community. The second option is to write about T-SQL bad habit. Mr. Bertrand has a long list of them. For this entry, I choose to write about activities that I do outside SQL or tech community #sqlibrium.


    One activity that help me to decompress from a busy week at work is cooking. By no means, that I am a great, or even a good, cook. I love to research recipes online and try them. I would also try to experiments with the recipes, tweaking, substituting or adding ingredients. Cooking allows me to channel my inner creativity. Sure, there were times where the “experiments” end up to be disasters (plenty of times actually). Those times, I ended up ordering and eating take-out Pizza or Chinese food. But hey, Edison failed 9,999 times before he was successful in inventing the light bulb.

    It also helps to cook something that you love eating. It will give you that extra motivation. One example, I love eating ramen noodle (Not the instant one. Although, I do get instant ramen fix once in a while). Recently, I embarked on ramen noodle making journey. After reading books, blogs, watching YouTube (I think you can almost learn about anything on YouTube nowadays) and attending a weekend class on "The Art of Ramen”, for several weeks I tried to experiments making ramen noodles. Earlier on, it was not pretty. But after several attempts, I was able to make Miso Ramen. Some of the pictures from one of the successful experiment:

    Fresh Ramen Noodles

    Fresh Ramen Noodles

    Ramen with Pork and Egg

    Ramen with Pork and Egg

    Miso Ramen

    Miso Ramen

    It took a many failed attempts and several weeks. But I must say, success taste delicious (especially on cold winter days in New England).


    Health is very important. During the week, I try to run a few miles three times a week. I love running because when I am running, I am alone with my thoughts. There are times where I got great ideas during my runs. In addition to running, I also try to learn to play ice hockey. Mostly, I play in pick up games. It is a fun and great workout.

    Last year, I got the opportunity to join a dragon boat team. We practiced and raced in 38th annual Boston dragon boat festival and 19th annual Rhode Island Chinese Dragon Boat Races and Taiwan Day Festival. We had a great coach and also a great group of people for teammates. We encouraged and build one another up. Just like any other team sport, team work is very important. It is not enough for each individual to have the paddling technique correct; the team need to be in sync as well. The practices were hard (there were lots of pains and aches in the first couple of practices. I felt aches on muscles that I didn’t even know existed), but I really enjoyed them. Our practice sessions were in Charles River. We have a great view of the city from the river. Most importantly, I enjoy the camaraderie.

    AACA Dragon Boat Team

    Source: AACA

    How About You?

    Would love to hear from others in the SQL communities on their activities outside SQL or tech community.