Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Windows 10 – Mobile Hotspot

Image by barek2marcin via pixabay

A few weeks ago, I was doing a demo on a couple of Alexa skills that I've developed using Amazon Echo Dot. However, the place where I have to do the demo use enterprise class Wi-Fi (it is where after connecting to the Wi-Fi network, we need to authenticate using web browser). Unfortunately, at the moment, as far as I know, Amazon Echo Dot doesn't support enterprise class Wi-Fi. To make matter worse, my cell phone signal was very weak in the meeting room, so I was unable to use my cell phone as hotspot.

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

T-SQL Tuesday #99 – Work-Life Balance

This month T-SQL Tuesday is hosted by Aaron Bertrand (blog | twitter). For this month's T-SQL Tuesday, we are given two options. The first option is to write about something that we are passionate about outside of SQL and tech community. The second option is to write about T-SQL bad habit. Mr. Bertrand has a long list of them. For this entry, I choose to write about activities that I do outside SQL or tech community #sqlibrium.

Thursday, January 4, 2018

Books in Review - 2017

Book List

One of my personal goal for 2017 was to read more books. I was gunning to read 2 books a month. In 2017, I read 25 books (1 more book than the yearly target goal). I am not a fast reader. Normally, I read books when I commute to and from work. Most of the books were rented from local library. I used to prefer hard copy books than digital books. However, a couple of years ago, for non technical books, I made the transition to get digital (Kindle) books whenever possible. It felt awkward at first, but after reading several books on my kindle, I am starting to get used to it. The good thing is that my local library also has a good selection of books in digital format. Since 2017 has just ended, I think it would be good to inventory the books that I've read in 2017. It seems that I read various genres of books from fiction, self-help, autobiography, etc.